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Business Journey Resources

Here are some resources I thought I would share to help you wherever you are on your Entrepreneurial or Business journey.

Web - Be Powerful Online

Guide to creating an accessible and powerful web presence for your business.


Step 1 - Establish Domain Name  []
Step 2 - Establish a Web Host [Get Your Hosting Here]
Step 3 - Establish an authoring platform (such as WordPress)
Step 4 - Obtain a theme - [Go to - Get an Awesome WordPress Theme Here]
Step 5 - Write your stuff!
Step 6 - Choose and Establish a Contact Management platform  [Get Constant Contact Here]
Step 7 - Capture Contacts
Step 8 - Get Productivity Software  [Get Office 365 Here]
Step 9 - Get Creative Software  [Get Adobe Creative Suite Here]
Step 10 - Choose and Establish an Online Store Presence 



Getting Social

A) Video
Video Capture
Video Platform [developing your channel]


Increase Reader Engagement -