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Dave, since joining the staff at the Department of Military Affairs [as the state Dept CIO], your contributions to statewide efforts through multiple forums is very much appreciated . . . We are fortunate you are a part of the Wisconsin Information Technology community.

Chief Information Officer, State of Wisconsin

Great work everyone.  My thanks to the team and the business for the partnership to make this happen [business critical global migration for business unit].

Global CTO

Dave – just a quick note to thank you for the superb after action report and discussion.  You did a great job herding the cats and keeping us on time. Quality product and a great course charted for the future.  Well done.

Brig General and Adjutant General of Wisconsin

Awesome work everyone!! This was a major modernization and you all executed on a well thought out plan….great planning and great execution.

Technical Director, Corporate

I want to congratulate you and the other Joint Staff members on the outstanding work you have been doing.  Your contribution to the Wisconsin Cyber Annex Table Top Exercise exemplifies inter-agency commitment and demonstrates the teamwork of the National Guard while aiding to the overall success of this fine organization . . . again, thank you for your outstanding work.  It reflects great credit upon your Section and upon the Wisconsin National Guard.

Brig General, Director, Joint Staff, Wisconsin National Guard

My thanks to everyone involved in this very challenging transition.  I had the opportunity to listen in to the Implementation Bridge many times over the weekend and it was amazing to hear everyone working so well together.  Regardless of how tired everyone was the team was professional, patient and maintained a good sense of humor (as opposed to crying 😊).  This project was a great example of team work!

Senior Vice President, Business

This was the best transition I’ve been through and kudos to you and the entire team (know I’ve been through 4 including this one)!

Department Manager, Client

The reason I am asking (for some of your project tools) is I need to get some of my other teams on a project orientation for things they are doing.  They are losing tasks and confusing outcomes.  I remember your updates and presentations to be top notch.

VP Operations, Client

I’m at a loss for words! I’ve been a part of this project from the initial planning stages 3 years ago.  I wasn’t sure I’d see this day come.  This team did an absolutely terrific job on a project that was difficult in so many ways.  I can’t thank you all enough.

Vendor Sales Engineer

You are one of the best PMs I have ever worked with and a pleasure to talk to . . .

Vendor Account Executive

. . . having you involved in [this] project has made a profound difference… thank you.

Head of PCI Compliance, Corporate

. . . you were the best [company name] PM I’ve worked with in several years. Your attention to detail and professionalism is what made this a success, thank you very much!

Vendor Account Executive

. . . And thank you for the efforts you guys have put in to get this far and the disciplines you’ve implemented for rapid response. Much appreciated.

Global Head, Corporate Migration Programs

For your end of year file on how much the clients love you . . . I’ve been working with David on the [accounting technical] issues and you are right he is very responsive.

PM Director, Client

You are a valued member of the team and a real friend.

VP, ProjProg Mgmt, Migration Program

Just a quick note per our discussion yesterday, David has been awesome to work with, our clients really like him as well.  Thank you again for allowing us to borrow some of his time!

VP, Integration Delivery Executive

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